Zippy Will Be 100

Zippy is a main character in the book. She's my anthropomorphized, blue MINI Cooper. She and I had a couple of adventures in the form of solo, cross-country road trips. And in spite of the fact that I've had to replace her engine, have her hauled cross-country on a trailer, and regularly endure the jolts and jarring of her pothole dips, I adore this car. 

And she's turning 100. Her mileage, anyway. It's heading to 100,000.

I'm planning to celebrate with a party, with free swag given away out of the trunk (it's gotta be a small item; she can't haul a lot of cargo), with cake. I'm not sure... but it's gotta happen.

I don't know if I'll be far from home on the book tour and will get to meet strangers through celebrating her milestone. Or if we'll be partying in our own driveway.

But life's short. Any excuse for a party. Especially for major book characters.